How to prevent cats from scratching your furniture?

Scratching is a common factor of cat conduct and is completely necessary for their well-being. In the wild, cats scratch their claws to take away the dead layer of the claw, which aids to retain their claws intensely for hunting. Clawing additionally permits them to set their area. They have small glands among their claws and the scratch spots themselves are a visible indication to other cats that this place is busy. Scratching and stretching additionally assist them to maintain their bodies in perfect appearance.

So, your most beloved cat is plainly being a cat. Notwithstanding, it’s not frolicking if they opt to leave their mark on your furniture, drapes, or rugs.

Cats claw objects for numerous motives, including:

Understanding why cats scratch can help you in preventing this behavior. It is important to note that scratching is normal for your cat. They aren’t doing it intentionally to be mean or to annoy you.

To stretch.

Clawing affords exercising and helpful stretching for the muscles and tendons in a cat`s body from her feet to her neck and shoulders.

To mark.

A cat’s paws comprise scent glands and scratching objects loses smells that mark her area. It’s essential for feline social systems to apply this technique of communication. Even in case you have just one cat in your household, she will sense the necessity to send information in this way.

To hold claw health.

Clawing enables a cat shed the outdoor nail husk regularly as desired, to retain the claw healthy.

To sense good.

Clawing simply feels superb to cats. It reduces stress and lightens the probability that your cat will increase different undesirable behaviors.

Here are some effective methods how to prevent cats from scratching furniture:

Don`t Declaw Your Cat.

Declawing your cat isn’t always advisable. It`s a surgery that includes putting off the ultimate bone in each of your cat`s toes to stop the claws from regrowing. It can cause conduct issues which include biting and refusal to utilize a litter box.

Provide Scratching Posts.

Kittens start to claw at around 8 weeks old, so begin teaching your cat when it`s young, by offering scratching posts or stands. Your cat can take pleasure in its natural conduct, but without shredding your furniture.

Utilize Cat Scratch Spray.

Using a cat scratch spray will deceive your cat into questioning that it has already cleared its area, preventing it from scratching where you don`t desire it to. You can buy a spray to prevent cats from scratching furniture, however, it`s effortless to prepare your very own cat scratching spray utilizing vinegar, essential citrus oils, or maybe garlic and peppermint!

Use Cat Scratch Tape.

If you`re thinking of a way to prevent cats from scratching leather furniture, then cat scratch tape is the solution. It additionally functions well on fabric, carpet, and difficult surfaces which include walls and doors. This double-sided sticky tape is available in panels or rolls like normal tape, and can be attached where you want it and eliminated without difficulty afterward. Cats hate the sensation of stickiness on their paws, so it stops scratching.

Try Socks or Nail Caps.

Cat socks to stop clawing are an opportunity for declawing. These socks function well for some cats, however, if yours get annoyed and continue putting off them, attempt gentle nail caps that stuck onto your cat`s claws. These will restrict the harm in case your cat does determine to scratch where it shouldn`t.

Protect with Vinyl Guards.

Yet some other alternative is to put in clean vinyl panels on your furniture where your cat desires to scratch. These panels are accessible in lots of sizes and they arrive with screw pins that make the panels very simple to put in.

Don’t punish your cat.

The next piece of advice is to not punish your cat when they scratch your furniture. Don’t yell at them or spray them with a water bottle for their scratching behavior. You’ll only confuse and upset your kitty. Cats have a different perspectives on their behaviors than people do. They do not perceive their own activities as “bad” or destructive.

Rather than punish your kitty, you can understand their point of view and work with them to create a new favorite scratching pad. Provide something that your cats like to scratch more than your furniture.

Bottom Line:

Whenever you teach conduct into or out of one among your pets, you must be patient. It can so often take some time to transform and redirect an innate action, in particular in case you waited a while to do anything about it.

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